Cyber Security

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social networks. Are your employees using these social networks and can it do harm to your business? How safe is your IT-infrastructure and are your computer network systems? Where can we see vulnerabilities? Have you ever thought about these questions? We will give you all the answers with our ERPscan penetration test and vulnerability assessments. With these tests we will provide you insight in the mind of a hacker. How does a hacker think and where are your weakest points?

With these tests and assessments we pay attention to the following points:

1. How effective is the protection of your computer (network) systems?
2. What weaknesses can easily be exploited by hackers?
3. Do your employees profile themselves as employees of your company on social media?
4. Are your employees aware of the potential dangers of social media?
5. Physical security: can we come in and install malicious software?
6. What are the vulnerabilities of your ERP-systems as for example SAP?

After our penetration test and vulnerability assessments we will provide you a full report with our findings with regard to your ICT and physical security. On the basis of this report we will recommend adjustments concerning your current IT-infrastructure and physical security. Optional, we will also implement these adjustments regarding IT-infratstucture as well as physical security.