One of our consultants which has knowledge about your industry will come to your organization to review your regulatory compliance and policy requirements. After this review, we will provide an analysis of the weaknesses and recommend corrective actions and controls to assure that your company is compliant. We distinguish ourself because we will also implement these corrective actions and controls. We will help you ensure that your organization stays in front of the latest security threats and challenges.

Auditing concerns the following issues:

– Sap Auditing
– Sap Authorization Auditor
– Sap Automated Request Engine
– Sap Integrate and Collaborate
– Sap Role Build and Manage
– Sap Emergency Request

– IT Governance
– Corporate policies review/development
– Sarbanes-Oxley
– Cobit
– ISO/IEC27001 (ISO 1799)
– Compliance stragety, blue print
– Sustainable compliance design
– General Computer Controls Review